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Property Management

We Make Owning Property Easy:

We’ll do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your profits with assurance that your investment is being well taken care of.

At Amicus Properties we handle every aspect of managing your property in-house to make sure we are delivering each client the absolute best experience.


What We do Best:

We have a team of dedicated contractors / subcontractors we use to maintain our properties.  Since our costs are wholesale, we are able to directly pass along these savings to our clients.  We do not charge our clients hidden fees.

Our clients are the first priority and we ensure that all tasks are completed on a very timely basis.

We make the search process easy for tenants by advertising all of our properties on every major web platform including our own, as well as employing local brand ambassadors.

We arrange convenient payment options for tenants and comprehensive reporting capabilities for clients.


Trusted Communication:

We believe communication is key to a good experience for both tenants and property owners. We use the latest technology to employ real-time responses/solutions to tenant and owner requests.


We would Love to hear from you!

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